Adrian Pepe & Awassi sheep

Adrian Pepe participates in 3 European residencies.


Congratulations to Adrian Pepe, a textile artist, known for his unique style and creative approach, is set to participate in three exciting residencies across Europe: TaDA in Switzerland, the XTANT in Mallorca, and the Muturbeltz in Bilbao.

These residencies are the great opportunity to expand creative horizons, experiment with new techniques, and produce new works that reflect artist’s unique perspective.

TaDA Residency, which takes place in Switzerland every year, gives the opportunity for six candidates, coming from Switzerland and abroad, to work with textile companies in Eastern Switzerland, use a local studio in Arbon and extend their own individual networks over a period of three months. At the public event “TaDA Spinnerei”, which is also attended by international speakers, Adrian Pepe will present his projects to an interested public and at the same time discuss with experts.

Mutur Beltz is a life project aimed at promoting the Carranzana sheep, which is currently an endangered species, as well as the shepherd profession itself. This local initiative in the Carranza Valley in Bizkaia, aims to respond to the loss of this knowledge through agroecology, artistic practice, and design.

XTANT Residency is an artist program located in Mallorca, Spain, that offers a supportive and inspiring environment for artists to develop their craft and to bring a new vision and content to a very old trade: heritage textiles.  XTANT residency will host the FIBRA Fair, where Adrian will be present for a talk, performance, and art installation.

Don’t miss your chance to see his works at NIKA Project Space in Dubai till the 23d of April.