Alexander Ugay participates in a group show ‘Eluding Capture’ at MASS MoCA. Massachusetts, USA


We are happy to announce that Alexander Ugay will be participating in ‘Eluding Capture’ group show at MASS MoCA in Massachusetts, USA.

Explore the philosophical, literary, and artistic heritage of the Central Asia region through  exhibition, which presents contemporary perspectives that resonate with its rich history while envisioning potential futures. Delve into the intricate tapestry of Central Asia's past, shaped by diverse influences from Indigenous Khanates, the Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union, as  probe into the nuanced aspects of identity and belonging.

Alexander Ugay, a Kazakh-Korean artist born in 1978, whose work transcends time to explore themes of memory and nostalgia. Through the medium of photography and installation, Ugay intricately examines the interplay between history, the present, and the future. His art seamlessly weaves together photographs and historical research, with a particular focus on the Koryo Saram diaspora – the descendants of Koreans who resided in the Russian Far East during the late 19th century. Ugay's works are represented  in international collections, including Centre Pompidou in Paris, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana, Lunds Konsthall in Sweden, and The VERBUND COLLECTION in Vienna.

Obscuraton #10 by Alexander Ugay on view from February 3, 2024 at MASS MoCA in Massachusetts.