Mirna Bamieh as a part of the group show ‘Imagine Home’ at The Noordbrabants Museum


Mirna Bamieh takes a part in a group show ‘Imagine Home’ in the Netherlands at Het Noordbrabants Museum. The show will be on view from February 3 until June 2, 2024.

13 leading artists from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Ukraine, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, South Africa, Switzerland, and the Netherlands explore the challenges faced by those forcibly displaced, and the role of experiences in creating a sense of home. The artworks focus on the sensory aspect, drawing attention to specific places engraved in memory.‘Sour Things: The Pantry’ is a new work created by Mirna Bamieh for this exhibition. The artist zooms in on the idea of a pantry and preservation of food. What if the future is uncertain? When you might have to leave your home at any moment? How does the pantry space of the displaced feel like?

With her installation, Bamieh turns the pantry into a fragile and shaky construction, on the thin line between decay and preservation. ‘Sour Things: The Pantry’ is a part of Mirna’s ongoing larger project ‘Sour Things’.

‘Imagine Home’ show will be on view at The Noordbrabants Museum from February 3 until June 2, 2024.

Currently on view at NIKA Art Space, Dubai is another work by Mirna Bamieh ‘Sour Things: The Kitchen’.