Letters in the Light, Lines we Write. 2023.

Muhannad Shono at First Islamic Arts Biennale.


Don‘t miss the chance to see the work by Muhannad Shono at First Islamic Arts Biennale until 23d of April.

In its inaugural edition, the Islamic Arts Biennale brings together centuries of faith and artistic expression. Taking centre stage at the iconic Hajj Terminal of King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, the Biennale celebrates cultural, intellectual, and artistic achievements that trace their origins to the House of Allah, Awwal Bait (“First House”).

The artist explains his Letters in the Light, Lines we Write installation: “How do we read what the spiritual is? Is it a hard edge? Or is it something with a lot of forgiving space, where the light is soft?" The work is a reminder of the importance of humility; that in the face of collective rigidity, sometimes individuals must be willing to “circle back into the darkness to find the light again; a light that is more nuanced, softer on the edges, more shadow and light, rather than day and night”.

Work commissioned by Diriyah Biennale Foundation.