Still from the video by Arthur Weber (Seeing Things Studio). Director: Sandy Zavzavadjian

Muhannad Shono for Alserkal Advisory’s Global Co-Comission, A Feral Commons


Working closely with curator Tairone Bastien, Alserkal Avenue have selected Muhannad Shono to create a site-specific commission for the first cycle of Global Co-Commission project, A Feral Commons.

Muhannad Shono is widely recognized for his artistic contributions, which have been showcased in numerous regional and international events. In 2022, his work was prominently featured in the citywide annual festival of light, Noor Riyadh, and he also represented his country with his installation, The Teaching Tree, at the 2022 Venice Biennale.

For his upcoming project, Muhannad is studying unexpected ecologies that are thriving unnoticed in the urban environment of Al Quoz, Specifically, he is investigating the unexpected life forms that flourish around the AC units, a familiar sight in the region. This exploration will culminate in a revealing commission set to be unveiled in winter 2023.

The Global Co-Commission initiative brings together cultural districts from three continents, each offering a unique response to the global climate crisis within their respective contexts. Muhannad's commission will be showcased alongside the works of two other artists chosen to present their pieces in cultural districts located in Kingston, Jamaica, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

An initiative by Alserkal Avenue in collaboration with Global Cultural Districts Network